Confluent is the epitome of data streaming and data agility, and AWS is the foremost cloud provider in the world. What do you get when you combine the strengths of each platform? Answer: a scalable cloud-native system that combines the superpowers of each technology to set your data in motion.

In this webinar, Big Compass, Confluent, and AWS will come together to explore the strengths of Confluent and AWS, and how each technology can complement one another for various use cases that Big Compass sees with its clients in the industry.

What You Will Learn:

• Ways to combine AWS and Confluent in a hybrid platform

• How to build your serverless applications with AWS and          Confluent

• Real-world use cases for AWS and Confluent

Who Should Attend:

• Technologists who implement serverless and hybrid                platforms

• Serverless enthusiasts

• Executives looking to make a decision on

   cloud-native technologies

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Joseph Morais
Staff Cloud Partner Solutions Architect
Jobin George

 Big Data Solutions Architect


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